to do some good demo’s

Weymouth festival 2012

Air-4-ce was invited to join the international kitefestival at Weymouth, in the south of England, from the 5th till the 7th of may.

Unfortunately we were only able to come over with three pilots but we were  still able to do some good demo’s and a small mega-team with the Decorators.

Weymouth has a rather small beach and the winds can be difficult, as we were told,  but we had pretty good winds on Saturday and Sunday with even some sunshine!, on Monday there was some rain which soon stopped and a “interesting” wind coming from the city which made things a little more challenging.

In the afternoon we had to head back to Holland after a very nice festival  for which we would like to thank the organisation and the city of Weymouth as well for their friendship and hospitality.

We hope to meet again!