I am mainly focused on show kites and objects.

Henk Boelens

I began building kites, when I was small, with my father. Made out of special paper and fine strips of wood made by our neighbor in a kitchen cabinet factory. Back then it was still the Eddy kite that would be balanced with tussocks of grass. Now this happens by adjusting the bridle and kites can even be flown without tails.

At a certain moment one has a preference for other things. In the 60s I took it up again. The first kite I bought for my daughter to fly on the beach. It didn’t want to fly well and broke quickly, so I decided to build kite myself. I began to build the Speedwing and Speedfoil for myself. This I got from the magazine “Vlieger”. A magnificent magazine which has sadly passed away. Because I am fairly adept at working a sewing machine (learnt at home) I decided to build a Cody directly. It is still one of my favorite kites.

I am mainly focused on show kites and objects. A preference for the unique. I always hope that only one was made. But I am still a bit proud if someone who is also going to make one. The Disney figures I find very successful. Tigger and Pooh in particular. Nevertheless, I also have special kites which bring back fond memories. Like the sailboats that I have, and the Viking shop and the five-masted ship. These belonged to Herman, and I am very proud of that.


Since 1991 I have occupied myself with organizing kite festivals in Drachten, Ameland and other places. This I did purely for the club “Wynpûst” but also to promote this wonderful sport that gives you relaxation but also public appreciation.

Website: www.fryskedraeken.nl