...dus al meer als 17 jaar bezig met deze hobby

Daan Knol

I have been flying kites from about age eight, because then I went with my grandfather. He made some kites himself and then I went with him, also to kite festivals in Emmen and Scheveningen.

I started out with some smaller kites, but now I’m older I rather like flying large and striking kites. I have, for example, a beautiful red airplane, a very big rotor and a super large bol made out of all kinds of little patches of kite fabric. Also a few Codys, my favourite kite, and a lot more besides; I have a large trailer filled with kites.

I still go kite flying with my grandfather, and by now also with my dad, to kite festivals all over the Netherlands, but also abroad. We go to Belgium, Germany, and where I like to go best, the island of Fanö in Denmark.

We also fly kites, when the weather allows us, in an industrial park near Meppel, or in the meadows near Scheerwolde, where I live.

All in all, I have been practicing this hobby for more than 17 years.